Differences between NIE number, TIE and EU Certificate

Often our clients have doubts about what the NIE number is and if obtaining it is enough to live and work in Spain.

Well, It is actually true that obtaining this number will allow us to perform certain procedures such as buying a property in Spain, but it will not be enough to reside or work in Spain.

Lets summarize then what is the NIE number:

-It is obtained in the offices of the National Police or in the Spanish consular offices located in the foreign territory.

-This number operates as an individual identifier that will never change.

-It does not grant any right regarding the possibility of residing or working in Spain.

– However, it allows certain legal acts such as the purchase of shares and social participations of a compamny or the purchase of real estate.

So, if you want to live or work in Spain, what do you need? Well that will depend on whether you are an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen.

-If you are an EU citizen:

If you want to live and work in Spain for more than 3 months you must obtain a EU Citizen Registry Certificate. This document is issued the same day it is requested and contains the NIE number. It is obtained in the offices of the National Police of the province where you will establish your residence. This card does not have an expiration date although the Permanent EU Certificate may be requested after 5 years of residence in Spanish territory.

-If you are a non-EU citizen:

Your options are different depending on whether you decide to come to Spain with a student visa, a non-profit residence visa, a work visa, etc. Whatever your choice is, you will be assigned a NIE number when you obtain your first visa. If your stay in Spain ends up being longer than 6 months you will also be obliged to obtain the TIE (Foreigner Identity Card) which is a plastic card that will contain a photograph of you and must be renewed each time a renewal of your authorization is obtained.

If you have any questions or you want us to help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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